LG G3 to launch on May 27th!

LG G3 to launch on May 27th

Ladies and gentlemen, LG will announce its latest flagship phone on May 27th. The event will take place across six cities all around the world: San Francisco, New York and London will gather for launch on that day, while media representatives in Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul will join-in on May 28th.

The invite graphic seems to show some brushed aluminum surface, hinting us the G3 may break LG’s tradition of making all-plastic phones. That would make this device even more appealing to folks who still haven’t grabbed the Samsung Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8. Or at least, that’s what LG seems to be hoping for.

Anyhow, we know the G3 will boast top-notch specs that could easily include a 2K/QHD screen, as well as fast quad-core chip (Snapdragon 805, perhaps?), OIS+ enabled camera and a ton of built-in storage. Users can expect the “familiar for LG” volume buttons on the back, which you can see from the image above. And which have been unveiled by the good ol’ EVleaks.

Can’t wait to try out the G3. 🙂

LG G3 back buttons

  • PeterSteinbeck

    I think this will be the phone we’ve been all waiting for. 🙂

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