Flappy Bird is Flapping it’s Way Back to iOS In August With Multiplayer in Tow

Flappy Bird is rising from the ashes! Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen disclosed to CNBC that he will indeed bring the smash game back to the App Store this August. It’ll be the same Flappy Bird we’ve all grown to love, just a little less addictive and with the addition of multiplayer mode. We’re not exactly sure how Nguyen could make the game less addictive, but we’re sure his plans will pan out. A time limit, maybe?

Back in February, Nguyen pulled Flappy Bird from the App Store and Google Play Store after he became concerned that the game was too addictive and could contribute to compulsive gaming habits of some gamers.

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Be on the lookout, Fappy Bird fans. Flappy Bird is expected to appear again in August.

via: Tech Crunch

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