Leak: Photo Reveals Supposed 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Prototype

The story of an iPad with a giant screen goes back to last year, when rumors began flying that Apple would introduce an iPad with a 12.9-inch screen into the world. First known as the iPad Maxi (what a name!) the 12.9-inch retina screened device now goes by the name iPad Pro. According to recent rumors, the iPad Pro will include a 4K screen and a slim design. But why would Apple want to make a bigger iPad at a time when smaller tablets are all the rage? Supposedly, the 12.9 inch iPad is slated to compete against the growing popularity for Ultrabooks and convertible PCs. The device could also be aimed at the education market, becoming a replacement for traditional textbooks. Sounds pretty reasonable, but I’ve still got my doubts about Apple actually releasing the iPad Maxi iPad Pro.

Whatever the case may be, a new photo has surfaced today claiming to be the industrial prototype of the iPad Pro. The prototype, made of aluminum, looks just like any other iPad. With a camera in the corner and the Apple logo directly in the center, the prototype screams Apple. That’s all we see from the pictures though, so I’m not completely sold on its validity. It’s not hard to copy Apple’s aesthetic designs – I mean look at Samsung. (BURN!)

Check out the supposed iPad Pro picture below. What do you think? Will Apple go out on a limb and release a bigger iPad this year? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

via: NoWhereElse

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