Future lower-end Samsung devices to get biometric security features

Future lower-end Samsung devices to get biometric security features

Samsung is planning to include biometric security features in more of its devices in the future, The Wall Street Journal is reporting.

At the moment, only the company’s flagship device, Galaxy S5, has a fingerprint scanner, but Samsung wants to extend this capability to more of its products in the future. We’ve already heard that some tablets, namely those in the forthcoming Galaxy Tab S series, will get fingerprint sensors but that will be just the start as Samsung is trying to score big contracts from enterprise and government clients looking for an extra dose of security.

Fingerprint sensors aside, the Korean company and the whole industry for that matter, is also exploring other authentication technologies. “One of things that everybody is looking at is iris detection,” Samsung SVP Rhee In-jong told investors and analysts in Hong Kong.

These sensors will work in conjunction with KNOX, Samsung’s security solution that works on top of Android to keep business data stored in a secure container. According to Rhee, there are now some 87 million devices with Samsung Knox, but only 1.8 million of those are actively using the feature.

Selling security solutions was never Samsung’s thing but they’re learning fast, and we tend to think that before we know it – companies and government bodies will be using Samsung-made smartphones and tablets, relying on KNOX to separate their personal and business data.

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