Google acquires Divide to make Android more secure

Google acquires Divide to make Android more secure

As part of its enterprise play to bring Android to places it hasn’t been before, Google is acquiring Divide — former Enterproid — to make its mobile platform more secure.

Backed by venture arms of Google, Comcast and Qualcomm – Divide relies on containers to keep part of user’s data securely stored on a device, and to separate personal from business data. For what it matters, the same principle is used in Samsung’s KNOX solution.

Due to its open nature, Android isn’t as secure as competing platforms, namely iOS and BlackBerry OS. Google wants to solve this and help more of its partners score enterprise and government contracts.

We’re still clueless when features included in Divide will find their way to Android, but chances are the search giant will start working on it as soon as possible. And who knows, we may see several enterprise-friendly features included in the next major release of Android. We’ll see…

[Via: recode]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Samsung gotta be hating Google for this. At the moment, they are the only Android device maker with a security solution.

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