Starbucks teams-up to Duracell to equip its stores with wireless charging spots


Duracell is teaming-up with Starbucks and Teavana tea bars to add 100,000 Powermat spots across the two firm’s stores. As you would imagine, this scheme will start with the San Francisco Bay area and eventually expand throughout the U.S.

Under the deal, Powermat spots will be installed on tables and counters, allowing folks to add juice to their devices while enjoying their beverage.

But… there’s always some “but.” These wireless charges support PMA rather than more widely available Qi standard. What this means is that Starbucks and Teavana guests will have to buy new PMA-enabled cases in order to benefit from wireless charging; Guess it’s Duracell rather than Starbucks/Teavana which made this choice.

In any case, we’re glad to see popular non-tech chains joining the wireless charging game, adding new “tech features” to their offerings. 😉

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Going for non-Qi standard is stupid, to say the least. ;(

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