Video: This is Corning’s anti-reflective coating for displays

Corning's anti-reflective coating for displays

Corning, which is the company we best known for their Gorilla Glass products, is working on the anti-reflective coating for displays that promises to significantly reduce the refection of light.

During the recently ended Computex in Taiwan, the company showed off the solution on a large screen, which was applied to both sides of the glass. As you would imagine, the end result is nothing short of amazing. Alas, we’re not sure when these kinds of screens will enter mass production and eventually hit our phones and tablets. There are no doubts in my mind that anti-reflective displays will eventually become a norm in the forthcoming 4K devices.

This isn’t the only new product Corning is working on. At this year’s CES, they unveiled “the world’s first antimicrobial cover glass solution with a built-in antimicrobial capability” to make modern mobile devices germ free.

  • Tueksta

    Why do I see a reflection on the picture of the anti-reflection glass?

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