OnePlus OneWatch coming soon? Could be the sexiest smart watch to date

OnePlus OneWatch coming soon?

We’ll have to file this under rumors since we haven’t got the official press release, yet. Alas, the leak seams to point that OnePlus — the spinoff from Oppo — is preparing to enter the smart watch market. The site looks ready and the sketches promise one interesting device.

According to BGR which managed to get the scoop on this story, the soon to be announced OnePlus OneWatch will rock a Sapphire glass-protected circular OLED screen and titanium borders, making for a that much harder to break product.

Design wise, OnePlus wanted to make its device look more like a regular watch, hence it included a crown that can be used to configure the smart watch. The provided leather strap is said to house a curved battery, that can be charged wirelessly with Qi chargers. Moreover, this [battery inside a strap] will also make for a product that can fit smaller wrists.

Sounds rather exciting I would say. Unfortunately, we don’t have other details — like whether the OneWatch will run Android Wear or some custom OS — at the moment. Perhaps OnePlus opts for its own version of Android. Your guess is good as ours.

We’re looking forward to get the missing pieces of the puzzle in the next few days or weeks. In the meantime, check out the mentioned sketches of the OneWatch design. They look pretty cool, right?

OnePlus OneWatch coming soon?

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