Android-powered motorcycle helmet raising funds at Indiegogo

Skully AR-1

Google is going to all kinds of places with its Android platform. We’ve seen it on the phones, tablets, computers, TVs, routers, wrists and, soon – on a motorcycle helmet.

That’s what the Skully AR-1 motorcycle helmet is all about; and it’s killing it at the crowdfunding site Indiegogo as we speak, despite the fact that a single unit goes for $1,400! The company, called SKULLY Systems, has managed to hit the $1 million mark, surpassing its $250,000 goal by a factor of 4.

What makes the Skully awesome is the underlying technology. Not only does it run Android, but also adds some other bells and whistles to the mix, including a heads up display and the ever useful ultra wide angle rearview camera. That’s right, riders wearing one of these will always know what’s going on behind them, with part of the screen showing a camera view. The same part [of the screen] could also show directions and other useful notifications, making this a “Google Glass for motorcycle riders” of sort. That’s pretty awesome I would say. And the best part is that this makes for a that much safer ride.

The sad news, however, is the delivery date. If you order the Skully AR-1 today, you won’t get it until May 2015. I guess it’s worth the wait; check out the demo video below.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    The helmet for the 21st century! Love it.

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