iPhone 6 to be available with 128GB of internal memory, 32GB model not on the list

iPhone 6 to be available with 128GB of internal memory, 32GB model not on the list

Looks like Apple is preparing to offer the iPhone 6 — or the All New iPhone, however it ends up being known — in three different versions, storage wise. Users will be able to choose between 16, 64 and 128 GB flavors. That’s right, the 32GB is not on the list and instead, you’ll be able to pick the model with 128GB of internal memory.

According to the G4Games report, the 16 GB memory will be provided by Toshiba and Hynix; the 64 GB memory will be supplied by Hynix, Toshiba, and SanDisk; while the beefier 128 GB units will allegedly be delivered by Toshiba alone.

As that’s usually the case with iPhones, you won’t get a microSD card slot, so most users are best off grabbing a model with more internal memory.

Again, Apple will likely unveil the new iPhone at a dedicated event in September or October. The device will be available with a 4.7- or 5.5-inch screens, though we’re still not sure whether both models will be released at the same time. What we are confident about is that this will be one of the best-selling phones on the planet. Users will finally be able to get a big-screen iPhone, helping the Cupertino company get some of the existing Android users on board. Can’t wait…

  • Funk

    And a price amazing …snifff

  • Atlanta Owner

    We’ll, we really won’t know until they’re announced, but the 32 gig model is the sweet spot for many and unless they’re dropping prices (unlikely), not offering that capacity might actually lose some sales.

    • abazigal

      Or the 64gb iPhone could simply fill the price point of the previous 32gb iPhone.

  • PeterMZanetti

    Many have hoped for the bottom tier (16 GB) to be dropped, and all other models slide down in price point.

    Apple seems to have a much better strategy in mind, that maintains their margins on the low capacity 16 GB model, and gives customers a much needed break on higher capacities. 16 GB will stick around at $199, while 64 & 128 will become the new $299 & $399.

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