Microsoft Chromecast-like streaming device coming soon?

Microsoft Chromecast-like streaming device coming soon?

Chasing up Google is not an easy task but Microsoft has all the resources in the world to play every game the search giant is playing. And they’re playing lots of them.

Chromecast is one those “games” and it’s proving pretty popular for Google. So the Redmond boys want to chip in and offer something similar.

As you would expect, any device Microsoft makes will be primarily made for Windows users, allowing folks with Windows laptops and Windows Phones to beam contents of their smaller screen to their TV.

According to TheVerge report, the upcoming device may have a Surface branding, relying on Miracast to beam images and videos from phones, tablets and computers to the big screen in your living room. While this technology offers some benefits — like true screen mirroring — it does come with a caveat in the form of energy required to do its magic.

Alas, the Surface Cast, or however this device ends up being known, is better off using Miracast then some other technology that would postpone its launch for some other time.

Speaking of launch, Microsoft got the clearance from Wi-Fi Alliance and FCC, making its baby set for the big day. Which we hope will come any day now…

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