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HTC One (M8) Pricing and Availability Detailed, Grab Yours Today!

In a first for a mobile company, HTC has announced the sale of its HTC One (M8) just two hours after its unveiling. HTC’s hot new handset will go on sale today, March 25th. Verizon customers will be able to purchase the HTC One (M8) from brick-and-mortar retail stores beginning at 1:00PM EST. AT&T and Sprint will offer the HTC One (M8) at 1:00PM EST as well, thorough their respective websites, with the T-Mobile variant going on sale early next month. The price varies from carrier to carrier, but should Read more

Ian Kersey

How To Watch HTC’s ‘All New’ HTC One (M8) Unveiling

Finally. the day has come! HTC is all set to unveil its 2014 smartphone, the ‘All New’ HTC One M8! We’ve seen about all there is to see about the device in a series of leaks even Mario himself couldn’t plug, but hard and official details pertaining to the M8 are still elusive. HTC will answer all of our questions today, and might even prove a few of the rumors false. HTC’s press event kicks off at 3pm GMT in London, and 11am in New York. For us on the Read more

Ian Kersey

Download the Official Samsung Galaxy S5 Firmware and S Voice App Now!

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t set to be released until the first or second week of April, the guys and gals over at SamMobile have gotten ahold of the official firmware for the beefy device. SamMobile also managed to extract the S Voice app from the firmware, which is available for those adventurous Android users. The above mentioned firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes from the Chinese model, SM-G9009D, with a build date of March 12th. We’ll surely see builds of the firmware for other markets across Read more

Ian Kersey

Infographic: What’s Using All The Bandwidth? Porn, Obviously.

With internet usage at higher rates than ever before and mobile internet accessible devices release across the globe, humanity sure is using a lot of bandwidth. Most of it is spent watching cat videos (and *ahem porn) checking our Facebook pages and Instagramming pictures of our delicious meals. While the end-user (That’s you!) isn’t too concerned about bandwidth past not racking up an overage on their mobile plans, digging into just what most internet bandwidth is used for is worth at least a quick look. Check out the awesome infographic Read more

Ian Kersey

Play With the Samsung Galaxy S5 IRL at Best Buy Stores Beginning Today!

If you’re still undecided about Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 handset, not to worry. Best Buy will have the devices on display in select stores beginning today, March 21st. That means that you can fondle, swipe and snap selfies with Sammy’s baby to your heart’s content. The GS5 is set to be released into the wild on April 11th. Best Buy and Samsung haven’t released a list of participating Best Buy locations yet, but the number of participating stores is expected to be around 100. Also on display at Best Buy Read more

Ian Kersey

Samsung Galaxy S5 up for Pre-Order via Sprint

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming to a Sprint store near you. The GS5 slated for an April 11th release, and is currently available for pre-order through AT&T, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. Pre-orders for Sammy’s new handset begin today, and can be secured by paying $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate has been sent in, and signing a new two-year contract with Sprint. If a two-year plan isn’t to your liking, customers can visit a Sprint store to put their name on the Galaxy S5 reservation list to purchase the Read more

Ian Kersey

T-Mobile, US Cellular and RadioShack detail Galaxy S5 pre-orders

AT&T isn’t the only carrier to start with Galaxy S5 pre-orders – T-Mobile and US Cellular are joining as well, and so is RadioShack. US Cellular is offering an AT&T-like deal, selling Sammy’s flagship for $199.99 with a two year contract. Furthermore, those pre-ordering online will also get a $50 Google Play promo credit to spend on apps, books, magazines, movies and so on. While there (at US Cellular’s website), you may also go for the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit, which too are available for pre-order. Read more

Straight Talk Wireless Offering Nano-SIM Card for $7, Compatible With iPhone 5S, 5C

If you own a smartphone which utilizes a nano-SIM card, Straight Talk Wireless has a deal for you! The MVNO recently added a nano-SIM card to its SIM card lineup, allowing owners of a Moto X, iPhone 5S, 5C or other nano-SIM touting device to be used on its pre-paid network. If your device is unlocked, you can use Straight Talk’s nano-SIM without a hitch. If not, you’ll have to check and see if your device is supported using Straight Talk’s device compatibility checker. The nano-SIM will only run you Read more

Ian Kersey

T-Mobile Introducing Massive 4G LTE Network Upgrade, Sets its Sights on Verizon

It has been one year since T-Mobile‘s humongous LTE rollout, and the company is celebrating by announcing a big push to upgrade its 2G/EDGE network to blazing fast 4G LTE. While T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network performs amazingly in major metro areas, many Americans in more rural areas are left with low data speeds, or no service at all. T-Mobile is looking to change that, and has set its sights on Verizon in a new marketing campaign, assaulting Verizon’s ads which use coverage maps that are clearly out of date. T-Mobile’s Read more

Ian Kersey

T-Mobile to Only Sell 16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 in Stores, 32GB Variant Online

It seems that T-Mobile will only be selling the Samsung Galaxy S5 with 16GB of memory in its retail stores, according to a leaked T-Mobile memo that was received by Android Central. If you’re looking for a more spacious GS5 from T-Mobile, you can get that too, you’ll just have to go online to purchase it. The GS5 will go on sale in April, which is only a few short weeks away. T-Mobile claims that they have already received 300,000 pre-registrations for Sammy’s new baby, and hopes that at least Read more

Ian Kersey

Another Day, Another All New HTC One Leak in Video and Pictures

HTC’s upcoming HTC One successor has leaked yet again, this time in a little video and pictures which show the All New HTC One and the HTC One Max hanging out together. The video, which isn’t of the highest quality shows the All New HTC One in action, which isn’t anything new. All in all, the leaks don’t really reveal any secrets of the All New HTC One, but they do add to the pile of ‘accurate’ leaks that we’ve seen over the past few weeks. The HTC M8 shown in Read more

Ian Kersey