Google Wallet Debuts Its Own Debit Card!

Order and activate the Google Wallet Card   Wallet Help

Google Wallet allows you to pay using your NFC enabled smartphone anywhere it’s accepted, but there are several businesses that aren’t equipped to take Google Wallet payments. Until now there was no good solution. Now Google has announced a physical debit card that can be used like any other. The Google Wallet Card lets you…

Top Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Google Glass


Google Glass is paving the way for new forms of wearable technology. While a good chunk of people will likely opt for a smartwatch to pair with their smartphone before something like Glass, this form of wearable tech is coming, and it’s coming fast. That said, while Glass may be one of the more interesting…

PS4 Launch is Less Than a Week Away – Where to Play Now!


It’s hard to believe that Sony’s Playstation 4 is coming out in less than a week. It seems like only yesterday we saw Sony’s triumphant E3 reveal of its new box, showing off its next-gen visuals and announcing its relatively affordable price. Gamers in North America will finally get their hands on the PS4soon, and…

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