Apple iPhone Confused – Wants To Be Enterprise Phone

What’s this? The iPhone wants to go the enterprise route? Apple and AT&T are like the overbearing parents that “convince” their child to do something that it is not suited for, or even capable of. AT&T seems to be prepping the Apple iPhone for use as a business-class device. But, it’s not what you think. There will be no removable battery, no hard keys, no opening-up of the OS for enterprise application development. No, AT&T is merely making sure that the back-end billing and support issues will be ready for businesses to incorporate the Apple iPhone into their company’s operations.

Great, thanks for making sure the corporate bill will be mailed to the right address, AT&T. Being the exclusive iPhone carrier must be messing with AT&T’s judgement, because they seem to be a little deluded about the iPhone’s abilities – while, at the same time, confusing the heck out of poor little Apple iPhone.

C’mon, how can the iPhone be expected to be welcomed as an enterprise phone when it won’t support soo many things that a business-oriented phone needs. What do you guys think? Does this hint at Apple opening up the iPhone OS to enterprise (and other) application development? Will the iPhone ship with enterprise software (like corporate email support and office documents)? Or is this just a sign of a misguided carrier forcing their will on a poor, confused device?

via: itworld

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