AT&T EDGE network goes down amidst intense Apple iPhone usage!

Reports are coming in from all over the various internets that AT&T’s highly criticised EDGE network is down! We can imagine the 500,000 new iPhone users are hitting AT&T network pretty hard, but that’s no excuse for a network outage!

Interestingly, our AT&T Go Phone prepaid plan experienced network outages just days prior to the Apple iPhone launch. We attributed the outage to AT&T upgrading their EDGE network, but it seems that the entire network is experiencing growing pains under the likely intense iPhone data bombardment.

This is entirely inexcusable and should be resolved by AT&T with some account credits being issued. If you are experiencing a network outage, speak up. We’d love to get a feel for how many of you are affected!

[Via: MacRumors]

  • Tom

    well it looks like its back up… I’m posting his from my iphone using edge in soutern california 🙂

  • Will Park

    yea, the problem seems to be resolved. I can confirm that the outages seem to be spotty. woodland Hills, CA was fine but Valencia was out

  • Brian

    Yup, the network was down for me this morning (I’m in Seattle), then came up again this afternoon, then went down for perhaps 2 hours, but currently it seems to be up again.

    So it would seem they are working on it… at least one can hope.

  • John

    EDGE has been down all day in Santa Barbara county
    I called the number from ATT wireless and the guy told me he had no idea what was going on. I told him that I learned from the internets that EDGE was down nationwide and maybe something should be done.
    He agreed.

  • Will Park

    That was nice of him to agree with you 🙄
    AT&T should seriously be considering a massive PR damage-control campaign

  • chad

    down in San fran pretty much all day today.

  • mudgy

    I am Fullerton (north OC) and no EDGE avail…. thought iPhone noobs were YouTubin’! All back up now. Lets see if it holds.

  • JDWaters

    they are absolutely having trouble with the EDGE network. Got the phone yesterday, activated OK.
    i try surfing, going to weather, whatever… it says: Could not activate EDGE. You are not subscribed to EDGE.
    Totally screwy. I have another iPhone on the same ATT/Cingular account… works great.
    go figure.
    EDGE still not working today.
    ps… in Florida

  • kalamos

    Noticed the AT&T cingular network has been down all day in upperstate South Carolina

  • Amish

    Moreno Valley, CA. Riverside County…STILL DOWN. 😥

  • Will Park

    Are you serious? Is that an ongoing problem or intermittent? I noticed an intermittent, and fleeting, outage in LA.

  • TimB

    Still down in Los Altos.

  • cory

    Down in Milwaukee WI since Thursday night (July 12th).

  • cj

    Down in Atlanta (just noticed this afternoon- July 16). 🙁

  • Will Park

    how is the coverage in your respective areas? Are you getting decent reception but just not able to connect to edge?

  • jim

    EDGE down in Tulsa, many parts of OK and east Texas for several days.

    ATT in general……. dropped calls increasing at alarming rate…….. I have been experiencing several everyday over last month..

  • SK

    We have been having outage problems on southern Orange County for weeks! Driving down the 5 freeway with 5 bars and we can’t place calls or when we do they drop like dead flies. Something is seriously wrong! Even the customer service rep in the local store acknowledged that there were alot of angry customers. She said something about the network being converted to 3G. It’s now the beginning of August and the issues are still not fixed … they are an ongoing nightmare.

  • BBery Curve At&T

    It’s not working in culver city area…i’ve been without service for 4 days…says gsm but wont make or receive calls,texts, emails and no internet! i have a bbery curve not sure if that’s part of the problem maybe i should get an iphone!9/9/07

  • Fred

    Yesterday 11/20/07 at 9:30am all of the iPhone owners in my company could not use email on their phones. Today it is still down. 11/21 3:37pm.

  • dgcanno

    Eastern Oregon, Edge has been down since 11 26 07. Over 35 hours with ATT and Apple tech has produced a crummy service phone and a new SIM on the way from ATT, but our other iphone, not on the Go-Phone plan, taps into Edge just fine. AND we went to Walla Walla WA where Edge worked just fine, but we kept getting messages like, “$4.13 charged” when we were on Yahoo for something like two seconds (just checking to see if it worked) and $1.79 or so for a weather check. Something strange is going on. Back in Oregon, only the “real” plan works and the Go Phone still has a down Edge network. We are probably terminating our agreements and selling the iphones on eBay. Recommend anyone who depends on cell service do the same. The ATT Web site appears to have farmed out the Go-Phone plan to an uncertificated Web site, too.

  • Eric Austin

    Cannot call out or text anyone ! In Texas.

    iphone shuts down ATT???

  • Tyler Judson Garland

    I live in North Georgia near Hickland 😉 ,and we have been having an outage for the past week. Text messaging works ,but no call-out whatsoever.

  • Imani

    Edge down – very strange. Have been able to connect to the internet consistently at the same location. all of a sudden today – all day – no edge signal and no ability to connect to internet – very strange… They better get it together.

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