Nokia launches mobile social network – MOSH by Nokia!

MOSH mobile social network by NokiaWhile all the big carriers are working hard to get existing social networks ported to play nice on their networks and handsets, Nokia seems to be taking a completely different approach. They’ve launched the first-ever social network launched by a handset maker – and who better to do it than the the most prolific mobile phone manufacturer on the planet? MOSH by Nokia aims to bridge the gap between the mobile and desktop social networking with their cross-platform design – upload, share, collect, or download various media from your mobile phone as well as your desktop (or laptop).

You can upload all sorts of media to your MOSH account – audio, video, games, applications, documents, photos, basically anything you want to add to your profile. As you browse through other user’s accounts, you can “share” any interesting media with your friends (MOSH will send them a link to the file via SMS text or email), “collect” cool media (MOSH will bookmark the file for later viewing or downloading), or “download” anything you find worthwhile.

Transitioning between the mobile and desktop interfaces is fairly seamless, Nokia really did a great job optimizing their mobile site ( – yea, they’re using those oh-so-popular .mobi domains) to work nice and smoothly. Videos download and play in Quicktime format (that means iPhones will be able to view the videos as well!), music files play through the browser, and images are easily viewable through the mobile browser.

Give it a go! Head on over to and use the “ALLACCESS” code (all Caps) to sign up for the private beta.

[Via: Mashable]

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    i want stard wy website Thanks

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    This was one of my favorite social sites. I was sorry to see it go away.

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