Nokia files patent for side-sliding mobile phone with QWERTY keyboard

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We stumbled across this patent application, from none other than Nokia, that outlines a method to incorporate a “turn and slide” display that tilts upward to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. Now, there have been numerous sliding-screen designs in an effort to combine the full-face screen (touchscreen in some cases) with a full, comfortably-sized QWERTY keyboard – there’s the inimitable Sidekick flip-display (Motorola Sidekick Slide excepted), the HTC Kaiser‘s (AT&T Tilt) slide-up and tilting display, and the laterally opening design on the Nokia E90 and HTC Omni. With all that competition, you would think Nokia would want to design a unique way to combine the full-face display with a QWERTY keyboard – and you’d be right.

Nokia patent application for turn and slide touchscreen concept with QWERTY keyboard

The USPTO patent application reveals Nokia’s intention to use a rotating “knob” on one end of the device that, when rotated, will slide the display to the side and tilt it upward for convenient viewing – unveiling a full QWERTY keyboard underneath. Interestingly, Nokia’s design sketches seem to hint at a full-touchscreen setup – indicated by the lack of buttons on the front-face of the device. Could this be destined to be part of Nokia’s S60 Touch lineup? A touch-based S60 device with a sliding and tilting display and a full QWERTY keyboard? Be still our beating hearts. We’re not sure if this patent application will actually materialize in the real-world, but we sure hope it will. Maybe Nokia will see fit to include some Haptikos haptic feedback as well? Fingers crossed.

[Via: Unwired View]

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