Apple boosts iPhone CPU clockspeed with iPhone v1.1.2 firmware update

The iPhone v1.1.2 firmware update is old news already. Hell, yesterday’s news is already old news. But, here’s something we just learned about the iPhone v1.1.2 update. It seems all the updates hidden within the v1.1.2 firmware are more geared towards stability, security, and speed. In this case, the v1.1.2 update boosts your iPhone’s CPU clockspeeds by about 12Mhz and system bus speed by 3Mhz. iPhones with v1.1.1 firmware will see their CPU clock-in at 400Mhz and bus-speeds of 100Mhz. Updating to v1.1.2 will result in 412Mhz CPU clockspeeds and 103Mhz bus-speeds – which amounts to a 3% CPU-speed increase and a 3% bus-speed increase.

Reports of shortened iPhone battery-life on v1.1.2 iPhones start to make sense in light of the bumped-up CPU speed – faster processors require more juice. Check out the screenshots from SysInfo.

iPhone v1.1.2 firmware update increases CPU and bus speeds

If you haven’t already, update to v1.1.2. It’s easily jailbroken and you get louder speakerphone volume – oh and its slightly faster.

[Via: iPhone Atlas]

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