Women overtake men in gadget buying

Women lead men in tech shopping this holiday shopping seasonWhat comes to mind when you think of super-geeky gadgets like, oh, mobile phones and DAPs (Digital Audio Players)? You picture a youngish dude sitting at his computer workstation typing away at his keyboard, right? Well, no more. It seems, in the UK at least, that woman have finally overtaken men in their last bastion of shopping superiority. UK department store John Lewis is expecting this year’s gadget shopping to be dominated by the female set, according to spokesperson Helen Keppel Compton.

As holiday shopping is expected to hit its peak (Black Friday notwithstanding), John Lewis is expecting 50-60% of all geeky-cool shopping to be done by women. For the first time, women are embracing technology as less geeky and more “fun.” Women rule…the shopping world.

Still, we have a feeling that most of the more “hardcore” gadget purchases will be handled by men. Did that sound a little chauvinistic?

[Via: Times Online UK]

  • Ozair Khan

    bull 🙄

  • Neil


    The “facts” in this story are so far removed from reality it’s ridiculous, unless John Lewis has a sex toy department that “Helen Keppel Compton” forgot to mention.


  • bilbo

    more feminist female empowerment strong grrl BS. anxiously waiting for the headline: NFL forced to have 50% females players. FFS.

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