Skyfire browser turns up the heat – desktop-like mobile web-browser with Flash support

Skyfire mobile browser brings YouTube to handsets with integrated Flash supportFull desktop-like web browsing on a mobile phone has been just beyond the grasp of many enthusiasts for quite some time. Sure, there are mobile browsers out there that offer an almost desktop-like browsing experience and combine it with a good dose of usability (ahem, iPhone Safari), but the lack of integrated Flash support keeps these browsers from claiming true desktop-like browsing.

Enter Skyfire for Windows Mobile. The new mobile browser brings the true internet (like you’d experience from your desktop or laptop computer) to Windows Mobile smartphones. Flash-advertisements, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook – any and all web-pages load in speedy fashion thanks to Skyfire’s behind-the-scenes server-magic. With integrated Flash support, animated/interactive advertisements come to life, embedded videos play in the browser, and Flash-based web-pages are finally viewable.

Skyfire is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 – in both touchscreen and non-touchscreen flavors.

Check out the video below to get an idea for how Skyfire will work on your WinMo handset. Then go sign up for the private beta here.


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