Nokia Aeon on eBay

A Nokia Aeon is on sale on eBay? Riiight. Let’s all whip out our PayPal accounts and bid this auction up. The Nokia Aeon was going for just $999, which is a steal, considering that the handset is a Nokia concept and nothing more.

If you haven’t realized by now, the Nokia Aeon auction is a fake scam con unbelievably stupid attempt to steal other people’s money. eBay has already taken the auction down, but it was funny while it lasted.

Nokia Aeon for sale on eBay

Should you ever come across and of mercerwholesaleelectroncs8888’s auctions, you would do well to steer clear. This guy’s out to get some poor suckers money. Don’t be that sucker.

[Via: Engadget Mobile]

  • M

    The seller is trying to defend herself in the comments of the Engadget Mobile post. It’s super hilarious.

  • Z

    Poor chinese people make copy or everthing and fails!

  • G

    there is actually a Aeon for sale on ebay although its not from nokia and its not called Aeon its a cheap chinease alternative duno what the quality is like but it looks reaaly gd lol it looks jus like nokias cocept

  • abubakar

    when it’s come on market and how much is coast

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