RIM testing new 3.5G BlackBerry device – BlackBerry 9000 on the way?

BlackBerry 9000What, you’re using 3G? That was, like, soo last year (at least for Americans). The truly hip folks at RIM have decided to get with the times and have announced that they are testing a new BlackBerry with 3.5G data capabilities. The Financial Times is reporting that Research In Motion President Mike Lazaridis has confirmed the near-term release of a 3.5G-enabled BlackBerry smartphone.

Apparently, it pays to be the President of RIM. Lazaridis said that he is toting around a prototype of the new BlackBerry that can hop along the internet superhighway at HSDPA speeds (where available, of course). The new BlackBerry could very well be the BlackBerry 9000 that we’ve been talking about for some time now. If so, we can expect a large 480×320 screen, GPS, and Wi-Fi – all features that have been confirmed for the new BlackBerry device.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for an announcement at CTIA in a little over a week from now. With AT&T’s announcement of HSDPA network upgrades nationwide, the BlackBerry 9000’s timing could indicate a release later this year, following a May European launch – 3Q in the US, perhaps?

[Via: Electronista]

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