Tony Hawk Sidekick LX Limited Edition confirmed for mid-July

Tony Hawk Sidekick LX Limited Edition

We told ya’ this is coming, but this time we have more details about it. Apparently, the upcoming device isn’t just the Tony Hawk’s phone of choice, but will also will ship with video recording function, stereo Bluetooth support, easier downloads, the so called “Play and Share”, and background personalization options. The catch is that all these features will also be available to other Sidekick LX users, prompting us to think T-Mobile and what’s left of Danger waited for Tony Hawk’s blessing. 😉

Whatever the case is, the Sidekick for skaters is confirmed all with its “skateboard look and feel with a grip-tape-texture and his well known hawk graphic” for mid-July. If you remember, earlier we reported the Tony Hawk-branded Sidekick LX will start selling on 16h of July, so that’s about it.

UPDATE: It’s official! has more information about Tony Hawk’s Sidekick of choice. Press release is on PRNewswire.

[Via: Boy Genius Report]

  • antuane shotwell

    Will the sidekick 3 have the video upgrade also??

  • joseph

    heyy dat phone looks so fine & sexxy

  • jay

    Am uh have2 get dat gorgeous fone…
    Still have”nT got ma LX update…wat it goin on??

  • FLEX

    How do you get the video update???? And when I needss dat??

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