FriendMobilizer pushes Facebook notifications to Windows Mobile home screen; Helps you stay in touch with your buddies while on the go


FriendMobilizer is certainly not the first Facebook mobile app we’ve seen. However, it’s very neat and easy to use on any Windows Mobile smartphone. This (the “neat” part) is especially true for all the Facebook addicts who “need” to be informed about their friends’ activities all the time — it pushes all the notifications directly to the home screen. In addition, FriendMobilizer allows users to set their status, approve friend requests, view group/event invites, check their wall and inbox, and send messages, pokes and wall posts. Kinda neat and very useful, if you’re that much into Facebook, and who isn’t these days…

It’s a free download and in the registration process you’ll also need to give FriendMobilizer permission to change status on Facebook. The official FriendMobilizer website makes the process easy.

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