Rogers Wireless adds LG Shine TU720 in black

In a move that seems designed to extend the life of the nowadays not-that-attractive LG Shine slider, Rogers Wireless is adding the device in new color – black. Specs remain the same and include a 2 megapixel camera, QVGA screen, music player, Bluetooth support, microSD memory card slot. In addition, the device is perfectly compatible with Rogers’ Vision plan.

I haven’t been able to locate the device on Rogers’ website, though, but the “regular” Shine TU720 starts from $29.99 on a contract and the special online discount also gives buyers a free Bluetooth headset with the purchase…

[Via: MobileInCanada]

  • Maciek

    I’d stay away from this phone. While it looks nice at the first sight, the it’s pretty much useless. My friend got one (swears at the day he got it) and my brother in law got one too – same story. The joystick is pretty much useless. If it had a trackball instead of that darn stub – it would be an ok phone but otherwise – it’s a waste. To launch the camera you have to go through the menu – on most phones you just hold the shutter button and the camera launches – not in this case. The euro models have a scrolling “pin” instead of the joystick which seems more intuitive. Just stay away.

  • Seb

    iunno if you look past the stick its a great phone i dont know why anyone would say anything else i just dont see the problem with that at all

  • HElen

    its a pretty good phone , Maciek i think your being a little tad harsh -_-

  • John

    If I could only tether it would be a good phone, btw u just push the camera button on the side and the camera should turn on. At least it does for me 😉

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