BlackBerry Storm hype outpaces G1

Based on a little search engine number-crunching, researchers have determined folks are a lot more excited about the upcoming BlackBerry Storm than the recently-launched HTC G1. It’s not a huge surprise since one is out there and available, while the other is still a topic of much speculation. We all knew Android would have a tough time making progress in an already-crowded mobile OS market, but has the excitement really been stymied that quickly? Even as a dedicated BlackBerry guy, I’m looking forward to what the G1 will bring to the table, despite the lacklustre hardware. On the flip side, the Storm’s hardware is pretty innovative as far as RIM goes – would it be fair to assume consumers are more interested in the hardware than they are in the apps?

[hitwise via techradar]

  • JonnyBruha

    Yes it would be fair to assume that. The hardware is what WOW's people into buying something. The software is what makes them keep it.

  • Jessica

    Just wanted to say, I love the photo used for this story, even though I'm happy with my G1 🙂

  • Simon Sage

    Cheers! I spend too much time in Photoshop some days… 😉

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