Skype for Windows Mobile 2.5 Beta released

Skype has released a new beta version of its popular VoIP client for Windows Mobile. As far as I can see not many thing are changed, but it’s nice have your apps up to date, nonetheless.

First of all, Skype 2.5 Beta is more stable than its predecessor(s). In addition, sound quality has been improved, and the user interface is now even more familiar. Don’t know about the last mentioned, even the early Skype releases were quite straightforward. And that’s about all that has been changed.

To grab the latest Skype for Windows Mobile, visit this page and take it from there.

  • swisslogo

    thats stupid to bring out Skype for WinMo even though WinMo only owns about 1% of the world market!! I never understood why Skype can’t brind out a Symbian client since Symbian owns the market by far and is about to take over completely going with the Open way!

    That’s like Skype were to only offer the product for Apple (their OS=5% world market share) and completely ditch the PC (Windows OS=90% world market share) market!


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