Google Mobile Looking for Product Ideas

What better way to give the people what they want by simply asking them? An official page has popped up for Google Mobile users who want to suggest and vote on product ideas. Good call, Google! Top-voted ideas include:

  • “Manage Google Calendar on Google Mobile (add, update, delete an event with all functionalities of the web application) (ex Phone : Iphone)”
  • “A “Google Product Ideas” for all google services.”
  • “An application that speaks the driving directions in google maps Usefull to use the phone as gps car navigator.”
  • “Mobile view of all type of documents in Google Docs”
  • “Google Calendar sync with iPhone, just like Google Contacts and Gmail does now.”
  • “Real push mail available for all mobile users (not IMAP) including iPhone WindowsMobile phones, etc.”

Pretty solid ideas all around – as an avid Google Mobile user myself, I could appreciate spoken mapping directions, but a lot of these features, including push e-mail and calendar sync, I already have on BlackBerry, it’s mostly iPhone users looking for something a bit more rich. As for other Google services, the suggestion thing seems likely to spread elsewhere as they’ve set up a new blog to cover what’s going on. Have an idea? Hit up the suggestions page and have your say, and leave a comment below; we’d love to hear what you want to see!

[via Official Google Mobile Blog]

  • Zak

    Voted for voice nav 😉

  • Ringo

    Vote for sim card to connect to laptop and desk top with out fone.
    N.Z style no need for Mobile fones

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