“T-Mobile G1 for Dummies” is definitive guide for the Android phone owners written by Engadget’s Chris Ziegler

T-Mobile G1 for Dummies

Engadget’s Chris Ziegler has been busy in writing what seems as the first book dealing with Android-powered T-Mobile G1. As a result, “T-Mobile G1 for Dummies” is produced and it will help all G1 owners get around their brand new smartphone.

From what we can tell, Chris covered most of the aspects of the device, making sure both newbies and experienced smartphone users will find something interesting. So if you’re still coping with all the functions of G1 or just want to have your existing knowledge structured, buying the book is a way to go.

Even though I haven’t read it myself, I’ve no doubts Chris did the proper job. After all, he’s one of the few people competent enough for this kind of work… Here’s a link with more information.

[Via: Engadget]

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