LG Arena KM900 is the Love Child of Proud Parents Omnia and iPhone

lg-arena-km900What happens when a Samsung Omnia and Apple iPhone 3G have a baby? You get an LG Arena KM900 of course!

Although I don’t honestly know too much about this LG Arena KM900, you can clearly see design cues from the Omnia, and the look of that OS seems awfully familiar… I just can’t place it… hmmmm… 🙂

The KM900 will be a high-end media phone featuring a full touchscreen interface. It should also pack a 5MP camera with DVD quality video recording, WiFi, GPS, and DivX playback. The OS and interface is dubbed ‘innovative S-Class 3D’. That must be LG’s code for ‘iPhone OS-ish’.

Look for the LG KM900 to hit European stores in March.

[Via: UnwiredView]

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