Spyker coming to Mobile World Congress with new hardware in tow?

Remember Dutch high-end auto manufacturer Spyker and their dreams of making it big in the mobile world? Spyker has been pushing their re-branded mobile phones for some time now, and by the looks of things, their business is doing well. The eclectic carmaker-turned-handset-vendor is reported to be turning their attention to Barcelona where they’re expected to unveil two new Spyker-branded handsets.

This pair of vertical-sliding handsets isn’t going to turn the mobile world on its head for its high-technology or innovative design. But, Spyker makes up for all that with sleek styling and the coveted “Spyker” logo. Of the two new sliders, the Spyker EG200 is the sexier sibling. With a super-slim profile, 2-megapixel camera and a touchpad for navigation the Spyker EG200 may just be the best to handset to bear the “Spyker” name since Spyker first launched their mobile line.


The other slider sports a more traditional form-factor, with a keypad lying directly underneath the vertical-sliding display. No touchpad, no sleek styling, and a little thick around the waist – we’re going to keep our eyes on the Spyker EG200.

Look for more from Spyker at Mobile World Congress!

[Via: AllAboutPhones]

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