Adobe Flash support coming to Android OS!

With a smartphone, browsing the “mobile web” is nearly indistinguishable from browsing the “real web.” Most smartphone users are used to browsing the same webpages that they’d be exploring on their desktop, and the mobile experience is fast catching up to desktop browsers. But, if you’re looking to interact with any sort of Flash-based content, you’re mostly out of luck. Adobe has spread its Flash technology to almost all corners of the web, but viewing that content using smartphones based on the Android OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Palm OS or the iPhone OS is nigh impossible.

But, not for long. The software boffins at Bsquare are apparently working to port Adobe’s Flash technology to the Android OS. Bsquare has announced that it has “been tapped by a global tier 1 carrier to port the Adobe Flash technology to the Android platform.” With Flash technology in tow, Android users should be able to roam the internet with full-featured interactive webpages – Flash-based advertisements included. It should be noted that Bsquare is working to port Flash technology, not the actual Adobe Flash player, to Android.

Adobe had already announced that it will be bringing Flash to the Android OS, among others, at Mobile World Congress Barcelona. But, it remains to be seen how Adobe’s mobile Flash will perform. All eyes are on Bsquare to deliver full Flash support to Android!

[Via: CNET]

  • Michael Martin

    When will outsourcing ever end!!! 😉

  • Tony N

    Will the people who already have the Android OS have to pay to have their phone upgraded to get Flash?

  • Magix66

    Will it ever happen…???
    Everyone has been talking rampid about Adobe Flash coming to
    the T-Mobile G1 since Novenber 2008, now (8 months later) it
    still has not happened!
    So why not I wonder? With the Beta version on Youtube running
    since November 2008 why has it not hit the market?
    I guess I’ll continue to wait, maybe I’ll check back in a few
    years to see if they got it figured out…

  • shoaib

    When will come ?

  • Hyrum

    Flash is suported on these operating systems if your phone works with the skyfire browser. I think browsing on my old moto Q is better than many newer phones because I have Skyfire.

  • wtf

    So umm its the end of this yeat and nothing what’s up anybody know something I dont

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