Samsung C3212 DuoS: Dual SIM card monoblock, $200, hitting Russia first, then the EU

Dual SIM handsets never really took off here in Finland, but Samsung keeps on making them for markets where it is much more economical to have a SIM card from each of the local operators. Actually, this is also useful for those of you who want to separate your work and personal life, yet don’t want to worry about carrying multiple devices. We’ve already seen the S9402 as the first luxury dual SIM device from Samsung, then the D780, and the D880, and finally the Windows Mobile packing P240. Today we get to see the Samsung C3212 DuoS, expected to hit Russia very soon and cost only 3500 Czech crowns, which is roughly $196. It’s then supposed to be available throughout the EU. No specifications provided, so can’t assume this thing has 3G or even had quadband GSM/EDGE. That being said, it is quite attractive in a utilitarian kind of way.

[Via: Unwired View and]

  • Satish

    I want samsung corby mobile with dual sim

  • derek

    can anybody put up a link to download software for this phone please?

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