Braille Concept Phone for the Visually Impaired


Now here’s a useful and inspiring concept design. Designer Seonkeun Park has put together a Braille Concept Phone for those with visual impairments. The phone of course has a Braille keypad, but more importantly than that is the top ‘screen’. This area of the phone would provide information that we’d normally see on our devices’ screens, but in Braille. ‘Electric Active Plastic’ would be used in the ‘screen’ area to allow for messages and more to pop up in Braille code. I’m not sure what ‘Electric Active Plastic’ is, but hey, I’m digging this design. Besides its obvious uses for those with visual impairments, the phone looks mighty good as well. More images after the break.




Tip of the cap to Seonkeun. Well done.

[Via: Tuvie]

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