Google Voice Calls Free to Great White North, Still no Canadian App

Now, this is just a tease – let’s let Americans call their Canadian buddies up north on their Google Voice line so Canadians feel even more left in the dark about not having access to the mobile app. If you haven’t heard about Google Voice, it essentially allows one-number access to all of your phone lines; when someone calls your GV number, your land line, work line, cell phone and whatever else you have set up will all ring simultaneously. With the official app for BlackBerry and Android, your number will be recognized as that GV number as well, so no pesky callbacks to a potentially private cell line. You get loads of other stuff, like voicemail transcription and SMS archiving, but go check it out for yourself, and if you’ve already got an account, go ahead and call some Canadians, just because you can.

[via Google Voice Blog]

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