John Martin, former Vice President of iPhone and Mac Internet Services at Apple, joining Nokia

John Martin, who according to his LinkedIn profile was Vice President of iPhone and Mac Internet Services at Apple from August 2005 to September 2008, is joining Nokia to head up the group working on Maemo and Maemo based devices according to the Finnish publication Talous Sanomat. Martin has worked in a huge variety of companies before joining Nokia, and before Apple, including Starbucks (Vice President, Music and Entertainment), Loudeye (Senior Vice President Engineering), Microsoft (Director, Windows Internet Services) and NASA (Group Manager, NASA Science Internet). Martin sued Apple back in February of 2008 for failing to compensate him for a patent he holds, U.S. Patent No. 6,926,609 “Method for operating an electronic machine using a pointing device” [PDF link]. Can he bring about innovation within Nokia or is he going to sit on a desk, making power point slides all day while engineers walk up to him just to rub his tummy for some inspiration from Apple? Time will tell.

[Hat tip to Arctic Startup]

  • bernard

    Does he have a big tummy?

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      He’ll need it.

  • Brian

    Don’t know him personally so cannot say for sure but he seems of a type that is personally driven to continue creating.
    A better question may be:
    Will Nokia’s somewhat inflexible appearing culture be able to stand him?

    As someone who has pissed off a corporate culture or two over the years – rightly and wrongly – that conflict may prove to be the real undoing of the relationship before it’s ever started.

  • Lorenzo

    if he can bring some sense of direction and get Nokians to focus that would be a real achievement. good luck, he’ll need it

  • Tom

    He’ll definitely need the luck.

  • Frank MacGill

    Nokia lacks strategic coordination and vision from the top. Its divisions work against each other. Niklas Savander has had a pure, standards driven approach to platforms, software and services, but the device people keep filling the phones up with crap to negate his initiatives. Crap crap crap. That’s partly why Nokia’s customer experience is confusing and unproductive compared to Apple’s coherent simplicity. Until Nokia learns that less is more, it is doomed to live out a shrinking giant’s future in tandem with its new co-dependent gorilla girlfriend, Microsoft. May I suggest a new slogan to announce compulsory Silverlight, Office, Bing, Flash and Windows Live on Nokia phones: “Nokia – Comes with crap”. Meanwhile, Apple, Google, RIM, Opera, Mozilla and so many other intelligent tech vendors are making a success of HTML5 so the rest of the world can get on with a unified web for desktop and mobile.

  • Anon Ymous

    John Martin was responsible for the disastrous launch of Apple’s MobileMe service and was canned for it.

    • K Martin96

      hey that’s my uncle!!!

  • Aghastly

    This guy is bad news. Very poor choice by Nokia. He completely botched the MobileMe launch at Apple and was an awful manager.

  • An old acquaintance

    I believe there is a great number and variety of John Martins in the US. While this John Martin holds a patent he is not the John Martin from the Chicago area who has filed suit against Apple and other companies.

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