The Simpsons Arcade Making Its Way To iPhone; Excccccellent


EA Mobile announced today they’ll be bringing the classic The Simpsons Arcade experience to the iPhone & iPod Touch this month.

The iPhone / iPod Touch version of The Simpsons Arcade will allow players to play as Homer as he sets out to find his precious doughnut.  Players will use on-screen controls to control Homer as he fights his way through Springfield.  Through his adventure, Homer can find and activate various “Family Fury” power-ups that call upon various members of the Simpson family to help Homer.

The Simpsons Arcade will feature 25+ levels across 6 different environments as well as running into a few familiar characters.  Players can also use touch and accelerometer controls to slap Homer back to life.  No definite release date for The Simpsons Arcade has been revealed, but it’s slated to release December 2009.

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