Verizon Staffers Start Palm/webOS Online Training Sessions


We’ve heard for some time now that Verizon could indeed be picking up the Palm Pre in 2010. The rumors were kind of flying around a bit this past fall, but since then things have been kind of quiet… At least, until now. First off, a few days ago the FCC approved the CDMA version of the Palm Pixi that could apparently go live on Verizon. Second (and this is the juicier bit), a leaked document via PhoneArena shows off an internal training program on Palm and webOS for Verizon staffers. The training consists of a 20-minute online course to ‘re-introduce’ Pre-packing company and the operating system on which it runs, webOS. The training is running right now, and is ongoing through January 4th.

So, what do you make of this? Photoshop hoax? Or could it be that we’ll be hearing more about the Pre and Pixi making its debut on ‘Big Red’ in Q1 or Q2 of 2010? My money is on the latter.

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