Windows Mobile 7 Confirmed for HTC HD2


HTC Russia’s Twitter account let slip that the HD2 is the only device currently available that will get Windows Mobile 7. That’s sad news for those who were hoping for some backwards compatibility, but if WM7 is as underwhelming as 6.5, you probably won’t be missing much. The HD2 is a monster of a smartphone, and should amply handle whatever bells and whistles are included in Microsoft’s new operating system. Even with 6.5 alone, the HD2 has been getting a lot of new features lately – hopefully an update to version 7 will properly impress us. Keep in mind that the statement was only referring to devices already out there, so it’s entirely possible that everything after the HD2 will support WinMo 7. 

[via PocketNow]

  • Anonimus

    Old news, and a mistake. At the end, MS won't upgrade HD2 because the 5 bottons, not the 3 they want, and because the touch matrix only works with only 2 presure point, not the 4 the want as minimun.
    So no win phone 7 for HD2. Sorry all us.

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