iPhone 4G Casing and Screen Examined on Video Again

The same guys who had first shown us the iPhone 4G assembly have done up another video with half the focus and twice the Coldplay. Particular attention is drawn to the casing, where we can again see the gap where a forward-facing camera would fit, but we also see the tinted lens through which the proximity sensor can now work, since it can’t fit on the left anymore.

There have been other rumours indicating that video calling would indeed be coming in the next-gen iPhone, which could be unveiled as soon as tomorrow along with OS 4.0. Other reported specs include a 940 x 640 display (proportions that seem to line up with this video), an Apple A4 processor,  ride on CDMA bands for Verizon, and rumours of some kind of near-field communication continue to swirl.

At this point, I think the vast majority of us can just sit back until tomorrow’s announcement to see what’s going on with Apple on their phone front, although it likely won’t spur nearly the frenzy that the iPad has managed.

[NoWhereElse via MobileCrunch]

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