T-Mobile Throws Down Gauntlet, Offers All Phones Free for Father’s Day?

T-Mobile is offering free phones for Father’s Day! Okay, before you get your hopes up and become ridiculously excited, this is all but confirmed at the moment, but it looks like it may actually happen. TmoNews got its hands on some scripts for a T-Mobile commercial that is scheduled to run on June 19, so we’ll see then if this promotion is a go.

According to the copy of the script, a voice-over says, “Starting early 8 a.m. this Saturday, T-Mobile is putting families first with another first. We’re making every single phone in the store free.”

That’s great and all, but I happen to think the enire T-Mobile line-up is quite boring. The latest and possibly coolest device the carrier has right now is the myTouch 3G Slide, and that’s not really saying a whole lot. The HTC HD2 is nice for watching videos thanks to its huge screen, but does anyone care about Windows Mobile 6.5? Then there’s the BlackBerry Bold 9700 – still solid as a rock and pretty damn reliable, but it’s just about exciting as watching paint dry.

Perhaps I’m a little jaded, but this is actually a great promotion for T-Mobile and those who are in need of a new phone. Since it’s not entirely confirmed just yet, there is also the question on which rate plans this promotion could fall under or be compatible with. Will it work Even More or Even More Plus plans? There is almost no doubt that a promotion like this will require a new, two-year contract or full upgrade eligibility.

If you’ve been looking for a good gift for Father’s Day, nothing beats grabbing him a new gadget. And nothing beats free when it comes to your wallet. Just make sure you fill out the contract in dad’s name and you’re good and set to go.

To see a full copy of the script for the new commercials, click the thumbnails below.

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