State of the Mobile Web May 2010: Browser usage peaks in the evening

It’s that time of the month again. Time for Opera to release their “State of the Mobile Web” report loaded with facts and figures sourced from the millions of users who use the Opera Mini web browser. Unlike previous reports, this one has an added data set. Opera took data from May 22, 2010 and analyzed it to see if they could find any trends. Before we get to that, let’s dive into the more general information:

  • There are now 61.4 million people using Opera Mini. That’s up 4.2% since April 2010 and up 142% since May 2009.
  • 28.3 billion pages were processed in May 2010. Up 7.7% since last month, and up 193.8% since May 2009.
  • 433 million MB of data was pumped out of Opera’s servers to users, an increase of 8.8% since April this year, and 171.8% increase since May 2009.
  • Russia is no longer the most active user of Opera Mini, that title now belongs to Indonesia. Here is the new list of the top 10 countries using Opera Mini: Indonesia, Russia, India, China, Nigeria, Ukraine, South Africa, the United States, Vietnam and the United Kingdom.
  • In all of those 10 countries listed above, the most popular time to browse the web is between 8 PM and midnight. In the UK people are as likely to be browsing the net from 8 AM to noon as they are from 8 PM to midnight. The USA has the most people browsing the web between midnight and 4 AM.

Read more data from the report here. And don’t forget to give Opera Mini a try. It’s available on all major platforms, including the iPhone.

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