WSJ: Apple not going announce recall iPhone 4 tomorrow

Apple is holding a press conference tomorrow morning to presumably address the iPhone 4 reception problems and a source tells the Wall Street Journal that the company will definitely not issue a recall.

Furthermore, the WSJ report said that Apple was aware of the reception glitch prior to the launch but Apple CEO pushed forward because he liked the design of the new iPhone with the antenna on the outside. This is the second report today that we’ve seen indicating that the company was aware of the Apple iPhone 4 reception glitch.

What’s interesting is that this latest report said the cases that Apple used to test the device may have contributed to the problem. As you may remember, when the prototype leaked, it was in a specialized case to make it look like an iPhone 3GS. This may have not allowed testers to see that holding the Apple iPhone 4 with your bare hands in certain positions can lead to a loss in signal strength, or a “Death Grip.”

The company did admit that there has been a long-running issue which misrepresents how much signal strength an Apple iPhone 4 is actually getting. A software patch is supposed to fix this but the iPhone 4 could have inherent design flaws, or it could just be a bad production run.

The Apple iPhone 4 has been a huge hit despite the reception problems, as more than 2 million units have been sold in about a month. That’s why it’s not surprising to see the company rule out a recall because experts have said this could cost up to $1.5 billion. Apple could give out free bumper cases to impacted users and, while this would cost millions of dollars, it would be considerably less than a full-fledged recall.

We really want to know what you think the company should do about the Apple iPhone 4 antenna reception issues. Hop on over to our poll and let your voice be heard, friends.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]

  • Di Kahler

    Well if the glitch is true Apple better make it right at no cost to those of us who have all ready bought the phones 4.And it better be fast and work and especially FREE. The antenna should work no matter how it is held or gripped. Come on guys you should be able to do maintenance on this. After all you are the Gods of the Smartphone aren't you? I love this phone and I want it to work perfectly. So inform your minions of what needs ti be done. Thank you, Minion 1

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