Windows Phone 7 From Asus Makes First Appearance

So far, LG has been the only real manufacturer throwing around Windows Phone 7 hardware to developers (HTC has one in the oven, mind you),  and it seems like Asus is ready to play too. No specs to accompany this photo coming from Pakistan, but they’ll likely meet the high-end requirements for Chassis 1 devices, namely a 1 GHz processor and a dedicated graphics processor. The hardware looks characteristically simple and bare-bones, much like the brand new OS.
Asus has been a confirmed partner for the Windows Phone 7 launch in October and has lately been busy with Garmin trying to recussitate the slowly dying Garminphone, which runs on Android. While that navigation-centric brand may have one more phone left in it before croaking, it seems to me like Asus is in with Windows Phone 7 for the long haul, given their lengthy history with Windows Mobile.

[RT @Shaistajafri via PocketNow]

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