iPhone Spy Stick Can Recover Deleted Data from Your iPhone, Strike Paranoia in Fanboys

There is nothing more precious to most of us than our smartphone privacy. And you’d think that the iPhone might be rather impervious to getting its data siphoned right out of it via hardware. But forget about those malicious apps that can steal data right off of your phone or what Steve Jobs & Co. might be downloading from your phone in the middle of the night–the iPhone Spy Stick is what you should fear.

The handy little device is great for two things: you can recover deleted data from your Apple smartphone in case it ever takes a dump, or you can use it to steal data from the smartphone even if its unsuspecting user thinks that info has been deleted. Best of all, it can be had for just $199, which isn’t so bad if this is the business you’re in.

So whether you’re just a curious soul or working for a security or forensics team, check out what the iPhone Spy Stick has to offer in the press release below.

BrickHouse Security announces the iPhone Spy Stick, $199, the only computer forensic tool designed to recover deleted data from an iPhone. By simply connecting an iPhone to the USB flash drive Spy Stick, users can quickly download deleted text messages, call history, view web history and even download pictures and voice memos. What makes this tool really cool is the fact that it can download map history, so you can see the locations that the iPhone user has searched for and view dynamic text data like specific names or places, which makes it ideal for people trying to catch a cheating spouse or to monitor your kids’ cell phone use. Although the USB device only currently works only on any iPhone using the iOS to 3.x operating systems, a version for iPhone 4 will be launched in October.

Recover and view deleted:

  • Text messages
  • Contacts
  • Call History
  • Graphics/Photos
  • Dynamic Text Data (these words are saved as dynamic text for the next time you use a unique word. Things like a person’s name, the name of a restaurant, etc. are easily identifiable and can help you catch a cheater).
  • Voice memos
  • Internet history
  • Map history (view where the user has searched within maps (whether it’s by name or address) but you can see exactly where that location is right down the the GPS coordinate).
  • Calendar reminders and appointments
  • Phone properties

[Via: Brickhouse Security]

  • muskurahat

    The only thing you could actually do is use this to see what your kids are doing or to see what? employees are doing (if the business owns the phone and employees aren’t given the? false idea that they have some sort of privacy on the device).

  • hamama

    i want it how can i get it ?

  • hamama

    i want it how can i get it ?

  • I think spy App has become most common and every one somewhere using these App to monitor someone, but you share worthy Knowledge in this Article that you can use Iphone Spy stick and demolish all the chat log through it and know can spy on you. 

  • Jenny

    As far I am concerned, iphone spy software like iKeyMonitor is more convenient to get deleted data.

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