Motorola mocks Apple for not having Flash

Motorola ad goes at iOS for not supporting Flash
Motorola ad goes at iOS for not supporting Flash

Motorola is not messing around with its latest full-page advertisements, as the company is going after the Apple iPhone (and iOS devices) for not supporting Adobe Flash.

In its latest Droid 2 ad, Motorola says, “Flash websites? There’s a phone for that.”

The Motorola Droid 2 is the latest Android superphone for Verizon Wireless and it features incremental upgrades from the previous version including a 1 GHz processor and a redesigned keyboard. It does come preloaded with Android 2.2 though, which enables it to use the Adobe Flash Player 10.1.

We’ve used the Android Flash player on multiple devices and have been mainly pleased with the experience. It does kind of chug along on the original Droid but devices with a 1 GHz processor like the Nexus One or EVO 4G handle Flash content just fine.

You can hop over to Motorola’s Facebook page for a clearer view of the ad but it’s clearly taking a shot at the Apple iPhone. It’s unclear how successful this campaign will be but you have to love Motorola’s moxie.

By now, you should know that Apple doesn’t want Adobe Flash on its iPhone and iOS devices because it believes the technology is not suited for mobile devices because of its resource-intense nature and the fact that it generally hasn’t been optimized for touch. It also could represent a significant challenger to the lucrative App Store, as users wouldn’t have to download as many apps if there were web-based alternatives with Flash.

To counter this, Adobe’s strategy is to get its web technology on as many other devices as possible and show consumers that it can be a good experience. The ultimate goal is to get users conditioned to having Flash on the go, which could make the iOS browser seem limited by comparison.

This is going to be a steep challenge for Adobe, as multiple publishers want the cachet of being on Apple devices. Using HTML5 to reach those users isn’t a huge loss either,

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