Stop texting while driving service tXtBlocker to launch at Best Buy in October

The ever needed (due to both regulation and your own safety) stop texting while driving service tXtBlocker will be offered by Best Buy starting this October. The electronics chain will sell the service to Android and BlackBerry smartphone owners across its retail network, helping keep the roads safer. iPhone support, in case you wonder, is announced for the early 2011.

If you’re not familiar with tXtBlocker, you should know that it basically limits phone functions above 15 mph and disables texting and web browsing. While you’re driving, the app/service will limit phone calls to predefined SafeList contacts and 911. Moreover, it will send an automatic message to incoming texts and calls, letting others know that it is not safe to send a text or return a call because you are driving and you will reply when able.

In addition, there’s an option to setup No-Cell Zones around schools or offices (to manage phone use by location and on a schedule), as well as the ability to view the phone’s location on a map.

Finally, if you hate waiting for the Best Buy launch, you can always sign-up for tXtBlocker from their website.

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