Bing App for iPhone Updated

If you love the iPhone but you’re a Microsoft fan at heart, you’re already undoubtedly familiar with the Bing app for iPhone. The good news is that it’s been updated to include even more cool stuff just after update the app with some social networking goodies. This update focuses mainly on travel and maps for you jetsetters, explorers or those of you who are just prone to getting lost.

The first big update is the Travel section. The Bing Community says:

You can now see top deals from your home airport as well as last minute and weekend deals, and using the interactive Deals calendar, you can easily see when those great prices are available. If you have a specific trip in mind, you can use flight search to find a great fare.  Utilize the “estimated price” preview to see fares for alternate dates or airports, and look to the Price Predictor to know when to buy your airfare. Or if you’re already headed for the airport, use Bing Travel’s flight status feature to see if your flight is on time.

The Travel section seems like a nice resource for those of us who are constantly flying around and looking for the best prices on flights. For Maps, Bing goes on:

We enhanced the backdrop so information on the map such as traffic details, business listings, pushpins, labels, etc. could pop.  We increased the font size corresponding to larger roads and added neighborhood labels so you can easily identify and convey locations in cities.  We have also added what’s Nearby with enhanced map and labels so you can “fly” through a neighborhood and quickly find a local listing.

Now you’ve got enhanced features in Maps and tons of traveler information in the Travel section. For those of you already familiar with or accustomed to Bing, this is going to really enhance your experience.

If you haven’t downloaded or tried the Bing app for iPhone, give it a whirl from the iTunes store. It’s free.

[Via: Bing]

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