Samsung Galaxy Tab available in the UK from 100 to 530 GBP

We’re a little late, but we wanted to do some research before writing a story about the Samsung Galaxy Tab launch in the UK. The price varies a lot, depending whether you want the device on a carrier contract or sans any contracts at all.

The best price with a carrier contract is apparently 99.99 GBP but it requires signing up for a 40 GBP a month two-year plan. There is also the 500 GBP option with 10 GBP a month plan, which honestly doesn’t sound like a good deal.

Let’s face it – if you’re going to use your Tab extensively, you’ll want to pair it with some solid data plan. However, you may already have such plan and want only to connect (tether) the Tab with your phone. In that sense, you’ll like the 3G-less version of the device which is in works but still not available.

Personally I don’t like signing carrier contracts but I can see myself opting for some reasonably priced option which would require me to pay let’s say 20 GBP a month to get the Tab subsidized. What’s your preference and are you going to grab Samsung’s Android tablet at all?


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