Apple iPhone app Bump adds music sharing

Music sharing comes to Apple iPhone app
Music sharing comes to Apple iPhone app

The Apple iPhone app Bump continues to get better, as the sharing application has just added the ability to share music by bumping devices.

The Bump 2.2 version for the Apple iPhone and iOS devices now lets you show off your tunes by bumping. You don’t actually transfer the song itself, but the recipient will be able to stream the song off of YouTube, listen to an iTunes preview or buy the song directly from iTunes. It’s not as cool as just transferring the song itself but that would violate all sorts of copyright.

As with previous versions of the Bump Apple iPhone app, you can transfer contact information with other users with the bumping gesture. This can include photos, calendars and even social networking information from Twitter and LinkedIn.

It’s a neat little addition and we’ll be sure to see what else the company has up its sleeves. Hit up the iTunes link below and try it out for yourself.

[Via Mashable]

  • Wallis1975

    A Nokia 2760 pre paid for $29 outright can transfer the full song. It uses unrestricted Bluetooth. Plays many song formats too. No need for conversion software like iTunes, simply uses Windows Explorer file format on any pc for file transfers, thumb drive etc. No copyright problems for them. This feature is standard on any smartphones or basic prepaid phones for 10 years. Apple will catch up one day.

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